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Meet the Artist

 A self taught artist, Leslie has been a creative force for most of her life, always coloring outside the lines of the traditional!


Staying true to her spirit, she creates art that tells a story of the world around her. Using her love of vibrant colors, asemic writing, patterns and nature, Leslie's signature style brings a sense of joy to the heart and home.


Over the last decade, Leslie has worked to create her brand and her company, Lane Tree & Lily, LLC. Every step of her journey was about building the courage and skills to turn her passion into a full time career.


Leslie has created designs for Merle Jam, Midwest Transplant Network, and most recently the Kansas City Parade of Hearts. She has won awards at the Lenexa Art Fair for “Best of Show” in 2016 and “Best 2D” Artist in 2017. She has also been the Feature Artist at the Muchnic Art Gallery and Cultural Corners Art Guild & Gallery.

For more information of where to find Leslie's art, please visit the gallery page.



Leslie L.Mason
Lane Tree & Lily
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