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Meet the Artist

Leslie is a California native now residing and working in Platte County, Missouri. A creative force for most of her life, she is a self-taught artist working primarily in acrylics, but also works with paper, clay and fibers. Inspired by the everyday things in life and the whimsy of nature, she transforms the traditional into the unexpected, all with a bright, bold colorful twist!


In 2010, she became a full time working artist, participating in local art fairs and a booth down in the Kansas City Bottoms, where she quickly gained a following for her whimsical style of art and especially her birds.


She has won awards at the Lenexa Art Fair which included “Best of Show” in 2016 and “Best 2D” Artist in 2017. She has also been the Feature Artist at the Muchnic Art Gallery and Cultural Corners Art Guild & Gallery. Most recently, she created the artwork for the "2020 Merle Jam Transplant Fund/Concert" and the Donor Recipient Awards for The Midwest Transplant Network.

From 2016 to 2020, Leslie with great success operated a small art boutique called Lane Tree & Lily in Weston, MO. After nearly four years she made the decision that it was time to move forward with a different direction, one that would give her more creative time to explore and expand her art. So at that point she closed her shop and joined several galleries where she could still sell her art and products but now have more time for the creativity side of her passion. "I loved my shop, and all my customers! It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make, but in order to grow artistically, I needed to take the next step."


Leslie's art can now be found at The Northland Artists' Gallery in Weston, MO, Dormail Gallery in downtown Leavenworth and beginning in mid September 2020, Decori in the Briarcliff Shopping Center in the Kansas City North area.


Leslie L.Mason
Lane Tree & Lily
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