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Finding The Balance With Bunny Fluffles?

In all the craziness, I am always striving to find the balance within my own life, let alone this conflicting world we live in! Sometimes all it takes is a peek down the "Bunny Fluffle" hole, (sounds kind of Alice in Wonderlandish, but I'll take it!) to take me away from all the negatives and to focus on all the positives in my world.

So how do I get past all the noise to get to that place of inspiration? Right out of the gate every morning, my first thoughts are of finding something I am grateful for, big or small and how to pay it forward, so to speak, with love and humor and craziness and beauty.

At any given moment, a zillion billion ideas race through my head, and catching them is essential or they are lost as quickly as they appeared. Sometimes, this can be a minute or sometimes, time passes by at light speed and before I know it, the day is half over. But again, that's ok, cause some really great inspirations come from those zillion billion moments.

Once that inspiration has been acknowledged, organization and percolation, are my next two very favorite parts of the process! At that point, its time to take those inspirations to one of two places, percolation or organization to bring all those ideas to fruition. To me, this might be the toughest time, actually creating all those ideas that have been swirling around in my head. About half the time, they don't always turn out the way I picture them and that can be very frustrating. But often, they can turn into something unexpected and amazing!!! Just learning to get into the zone and letting it flow, requires patience and a very non-judgmental thinking process.

So while the world outside is churning around, I am inside everyday balancing me, with thoughts of bunnies and birds and patterns and how many ways to make these crazy times a better place to, Just Be! What's your escape route to balancing a better day?

Be safe with your hearts, your minds and your souls... and pay it forward with love! Find that Bunny Fluffle Hole to stick your head in and just percolate about the positives!

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