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In All My Madness

Being an artist, I wear many hats in my day to day business of art. The tasks change daily, and very rarely do I actually get to create in the studio more than two or three days a week. The business part comes with the rest of the week, paperwork, dynamics of shipping, reproducing, websites, social media pages, the search, then preparation for show and galleries, and many more tasks with a list too long to name. It really is enough to drive one mad sometimes!

Many years ago, I had been a wedding planner of sorts for a family wedding. Oh my gosh, by the time it was finished, I was exhausted. Someone had snapped this picture after I had taken my hair down and little did I know then, this would be fodder down the road for the creation of my art series called, The "Wild Woman"!

Fast forward twenty something years later..... and she totally became my muse for several pieces of my art, both 2D and 3D. She has been a blessing in my heart, appearing as the "Badass Chickletts", "Wild Child", "Twisted Sisters", "Wild Woman", "The Wild Hearts", just to name a few (really that I can remember :)). And I am positive, moving forward, she will become so many more as I look for more of my twisted personalities in my old age.

Wild Heart

I guess in truth, in some kind of funky way, my madness after all these years of wondering who I wanted to be when I grew up, really has paid off. I have learned to love her so much more than before, for so many reasons and for showing me all the different view of myself, good, bad, ugly and even better!!! May she inspires you as well to remember that amongst the Madness, we are enough and to travel with a soft heart always!

Note: Both, "The Wild Child" and "The Madness Of Her Heart" are available as Fine Art Giclees in the purchase section of this website!

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