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Is That Writing In Your Art?

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

So many times I have been asked, "What's that writing in your art? What does it say?

As I have talked about in a previous blog, we always have those certain symbols that keep showing up in our lives. The symbols that comfort us, charm us and leave us with a beautiful feeling inside our souls. Recall those feelings of your favorite places, the colors, smells, the ambiance and what you loved about them.

Now that I have you dreaming about your favorite places or things, let me tell you, that's what asemic writing does for me. It invokes a feeling of softness, elegance, whimsy, an old world charm, no matter the color or size. I have always loved the flow of cursive writing, the continuous graceful but sometimes messy, whimsical lines that it creates and how it makes me feel.

Flipping back to the technical side of it for a minute, the definition is; a wordless open semantic form of writing. The word asemic means "having no specific semantic content", or "without the smallest unit of meaning". Basically it means it is left for the reader to interpret, but for me its something a little different.

Being a creative for most of my life, I am forever growing as an artist. I certainly have a specific style which is recognizable but it is still ever changing. I flip between mediums because I grow board pretty easily, always thinking of the next project, constantly having thoughts roaming around in my head. For the most part though, it can be a good thing but, it can muddy the waters too. The asemic writing keeps me flowing from one project to the next, helps me to maintain that feeling of what I am striving to create. It just pulls it all together for me and helps me create a recognizable brand.

So what does it mean in my paintings??? It is essentially my thoughts as I create my art. Sometimes it can be a blessing or a prayer for whomever may purchase my art, maybe a lovely sentiment of gratitude or, possibly a snarky attitude of one of my birds or animals. It certainly helps me set the tone for each piece created and keeps me on track in this crazy, busy world of mine!!! Be Well!


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