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The Symbols In Our Lives - What's Yours?

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

We all have those certain symbols that we carry with us. Some for a lifetime, and some for just a short moment to get us by. They might carry a deep connection to our soul or maybe just a daily representation of what we are dealing with on any given day. Recognizing those symbols and what they mean to you can be tricky.

I have many symbols that live in my world, birds (of course), hearts, lines, cursive writing, hydrangeas, crowns, just to name a few. Each one with its own meaning, but probably the most prominent one for me, is the heart, it has been with me the longest. It's the first thing I spot in my subliminal lines of sight, the first thing I paint in my under paintings and it is always up for consideration in every piece of art I create. Even as I write this post, there are hearts in my vision behind my computer and on my desk.

The heart carries our deepest emotions from within. Love, happiness, anger, fear, and not to mention, it is what keeps our bodies and souls alive. Maybe that's why I put them all over my house and in all of my art somewhere. Little reminds to live with gratitude!

Where do your symbols live? Look around you home, you work (probably at home these days), even your wardrobe. Are there consistent symbols or patterns that keep showing up in your world? When did you start noticing those things? Do they have meaning for you?

While Valentine's Day, the most prominent reminder of the heart has already passed this year, I will continue to keep my hearts sprinkled around my house and use them as beginning symbols in my artwork. I will keep them as reminders to live with gratitude, be soft, have a happy heart and to be kinder to myself (sometimes not as easy these days) and others, especially as we maneuver through these tough times. May your day be blessed with great things!

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