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Catchy Titles And Naming My Creations

For my very first blog post I thought I would talk about how I begin with, what's in a name and how creating maybe more than one of those catchy title for each piece of art can be used.

When I begin a piece of art, mainly paintings, I am always mindful about what other things my paintings might be used for. So with that, I always approach with the thought that if someone was to buy this as a card, for what purpose might they send it? Or if it is a print to hang on their wall, what would it remind them of as they pass by? Does a catchy title make them laugh or bring a good memory? That is always certainly my goal!

A lot of times the title comes immediately but sometimes it’s a, see as you go process. I had what seemed like a zillion names for the painting below. A few that were in contention were The Renegades, Crown Town Parade, We All Wear Our Crown Differently, Just Movin' On and, I Think Their Following Me! Keeping those titles in mind, I then allowed the painting below to move me forward as I go.

These days we are all "Just Moving On" in different ways and directions with all that we have experienced in this last year. Whether it be in our personal ideals, how to live in these tough times, ending a relationship, possibly buying a new home, and maybe even moving across country. So as I pondered that, a light bulb went off in my head, maybe this could be sent as a card to notify friends and family of a new address change or possibly real estates agents or companies might use this as a thank you card for their clients (and this actually happened, Thank you Leigh Ann). Maybe someone would frame it as a statement for their new path in life.. So many possibilities..

So yesterday, I looked at it as one thing, and today, I look at it as possibly a "Crown Town Parade". The critters all seem to look as if they are marching in a parade towards a new destiny. While this can still be subject to change, there is certainly nothing wrong with having different names for multiple uses. Maybe tomorrow, I will think of them as something totally different.

As an artist, creativity is always first and foremost in my thoughts. Creativity builds upon creativity, always giving fodder for the next piece of art and how it can be used. "Dream Big" as they say (not really sure who said that , but they were right nonetheless), there is no limit to what you can accomplish!!!

Hopefully for my first post, you enjoyed this short thought process through my crazy and artistic mind... Please have patience with me as I learn how to write stories, maneuver thru creating websites and blog posts and all those fun things that artist should probably never attempt to do!!!

Be Safe, Be Well and Stay Warm!

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2 comentários

19 de out. de 2021

Leslie, I love your work and, as you know, I have a number of your paintings and animals. They always make me smile every time I look at them which brings me joy every day, along with me creating my own critters. Keep bringing the joy and happiness to your friends, family, customers and whoever else is lucky enough to get a glimpse of your whimsical art. I don't know what I'd do without it. Jill Claxton

19 de out. de 2021
Respondendo a

Awe, thank you so much Jill!! I miss seeing your smiling face! Hope you and Bo are well 😀

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